UGC Recog.

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.)


(In Association with Autoinstitute, Mumbai)

It is a new initiative of Govt. of India to align higher education system with knowledge & skill for employment or self employment. The successful candidate, after completing three years, is awarded a valid UGC Degree in ‘Vocational Education (B. Voc.), from Apex Professional University. In this course more importance is given to practical education than the customary theoretical education.

The course has multiple exit options as –

1] NSQF Level 5 (Year 1) – 2 Semesters – Diploma (after 1 year)

2] NSQF Level 6 (Year 2) – 4 Semesters – Advance Diploma (after 2 years) and

3] NSQF Level 7 (Year 3) – 6 Semesters – B. Voc. Degree (after 3 years)

Eligibility of Adm. : 10 + 2 OR equivalent in any stream